League of Legends: Fiora Champion Impressions

In case you didn’t notice, Fiora is the latest champion on League of Legends. As a melee AD carry character, she’s going to be in people’s faces and hitting them, a lot.

She’ll also be hitting them very quickly, and I mean VERY quickly. As a duelist she’s designed to go toe-to-toe with people she faces off against, with abilities that work
around winning the various trades throughout the game.

Also as a duelist she’s not meant for AOE, with her ultimate being her only multi-target attack. She makes up for this with her other skills being focused on completely
wrecking a single target. Her kit reminds me of a little Master Yi mixed with some Jax, but let’s check out these skills eh?

Passive – Duelist
Fiora’s passive gives her health regen over 6 seconds each time she deals damage. If she hits a champion, however, the regen can stack up to 4 times.

This passive is great for trades in lane and those poke battles just before a teamfight breaks out. Fiora can duck in, whack something, then hang back to regen some health.
Works great if you can harrass your enemy in lane then duck away to heal back what damage you may have taken in the exchange. Not really Garen level regen, but that would
be ridiculous.

Q – Lunge
Fiora dashes at a target dealing physical damage. This can be cast once more after the initial dash for free, but only for a few seconds.

A good poke tool with a somewhat long cooldown. It does decent damage and is good to harrass or get a last-hit you’d otherwise miss, but comes with the drawback that it’s a
targeted ability like say, Renekton’s dash. That means if you cast it you’re committed to the target, with no way to dash out if there’s nothing else nearby to hit. Useful
for hunting down an enemy who might be running away from you.

W – Riposte
When activated Fiora will parry the next basic attack and reflect damage back at the enemy. Also passively increases her attack damage by a flat amount.

Another great skill for winning exchanges. Just having this skill makes enemies think twice about when to harrass you with auto-attacks, which can be used to your advantage
to make them play more defensively. The skill also works on abilities that apply On-hit effects like Nasus’ Siphon Strike and Gangplank’s Parrrley. The timeframe to parry
is relatively small, so Riposte needs to be timed well in most cases. Since there’s a graphic showing that she just cast it, most people will know not to hit you during
that time, so they’ll be able to punish you for a wasted Riposte.

Also of note is the damage reflected back at the target is NOT the amount of damage their attack would have done, but a scaling amount based on the rank of the skill and
any AP Fiora has on her (but don’t build AP on her, just don’t).

Finally the flat AD boost isn’t huge but definitely not insignificant. You can have a good amount of AD early on with relatively few items by leveling this ASAP.

E – Burst of Speed
For 3 seconds, Fiora gains a massive amount of attack speed. Each basic attack or Lunge also grants her bonus move speed during this time. Cooldown completely refreshed if
she kills a champion.

Oh you still wanted to fight Fiora 1 on 1? No. For 3 seconds she goes crazy with attack speed, starting at a 60% boost and ending with a 120% boost at Rank 5. Combine this
with Riposte and she can stand 1 on 1 with most people easily, often surprisingly. There’s not much else to say about this as it’s really self-explanatory. That much attack
speed allows her to destroy anything in the jungle quickly (with a Wriggle’s especially) and, combined with Riposte’s passive, give her great stat boosts without a lot of

The biggest downside is most CC completely nullifies this ability. One snare or stun and the ability is essentially wasted.

R – Blade Waltz (Ultimate)
Fiora performs 5 strikes to nearby enemy champions, the first and last strikes hitting the targeted enemy. Strikes on the same champion deal less damage and Fiora is
untargetable while performing the attacks.

Think Master Yi’s Alpha Strike on steroids. Each hit does a good amount of damage on its own (but only 25% damage on the same target after the initial hit on them) and
applies On-hit effects. Black Cleaver, Bloodthirster, Madred’s Bloodrazors, Wit’s End, all of them. Lots of boom.

Even with the reduced damage to a single target this will still usually knock them down pretty hard, letting Fiora clean up with the rest of her kit (assuming the target
doesn’t have much CC, then things might be iffy). It’s also useful for giving yourself immunity for the duration, especially if there’s a lot of AoE damage going around at
the time.

A word of caution, like Phreak pointed out in the champion spotlight the main target can basically lead you into danger since the last hit will always go back to them. You
could start the attack on someone near a tower who then runs back behind it, putting you at risk once the ability ends. The attack animation isn’t too long, so this won’t
always happen, but it’s a possibility.

Overall Thoughts
I’ve played a ton of Fiora since she was released, mostly in Dominion but with some Summoner’s Rift mixed in. She does a lot of damage and can really rip apart a single
target, but falters when there are multiple enemies. She has a few ways to simply negate damage if timed right, but she’s a bit squishy and very vulnerable to CC. She can
also be blinded by a Teemo dart before she casts her ultimate, which in that case renders each hit useless.

In Dominion she can theoretically do both top and bottom lane, but I prefer her top fighting people at Windmill. The added gold and XP really lets her ramp up quickly, with
things like Kitae’s Bloodrazors really making ultimate scary.

In Summoner’s Rift I’ve only played her top lane, but had success each time. Starting with a Wriggle’s lets her farm well and as long as you don’t over-extend for an enemy
jungler, she can hold her own well. Burst of Speed is also great for taking out towers. 3 seconds doesn’t sound too long but it can give you more damage on a tower push
than you might think. A Wriggle’s plus Burst of Speed also lets her take down Dragon quickly, many times solo. Just imagine the Baron runs.

In both modes she excels vs. melee targets in 1v1 skirmishes, doing well against ranged targets as well with her Riposte to block harrass and her Lunge to close gaps. You
just have to be careful as Lunging in will leave you having to run back to where you were, instead of dashing away immediately. AP champions do well against her, usually
being able to keep the distance and having abilities that Riposte can’t reflect. One melee I’ve found that counters her well is Jax, with his Counter-Strike able to dodge
half of her Burst of Speed attacks, stunning her at the end and leaving her wide open for punishment.

To finish up I really like her, one of only 4 champions listed as “melee” and “carry”. She has a number of tools to win exchanges, but some of them are exposable or
baitable which can really screw her over. Reading around online most people find her strong and difficult to deal with in line as an auto-attacker, and I feel some of her
numbers may be toned down in the next patch.


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